Review ~ Diana Dances by Luciano Lozano

Release Date: March 12th, 2019About the Book: A picture book star is born! Diana is struggling in school. She's bored. She can't concentrate. And she really doesn't like math. Diana visits the doctor after her mother receives a call from a concerned school teacher, but the family doctor finds nothing amiss. It's only when Diana… Continue reading Review ~ Diana Dances by Luciano Lozano


Review ~ The Iliad by Gareth Hinds

About the Book: More than three thousand years ago, two armies faced each other in an epic battle that rewrote history and came to be known as the Trojan War. The Illiad, Homer's legendary account of this nine-year ordeal, is considered the greatest war story of all time and one of the most important works of Western literature.… Continue reading Review ~ The Iliad by Gareth Hinds


Review ~ The Mystery of Black Hollow Lane by Julia Nobel

About the Book: Emmy's dad disappeared years ago, and with her mother too busy to parent, she's shipped off to Wellsworth, a prestigious boarding school in England. But right before she leaves, a mysterious box arrives full of medallions and a note reading: These belonged to your father. Just as she's settling into life at Wellsworth,… Continue reading Review ~ The Mystery of Black Hollow Lane by Julia Nobel

Book Hauls

January Book Haul

Hey guys! I don't know about you, but I am so glad January is over. It honestly feels like it should be May already, haha. Anyway, time for my first book haul of the year! I got 10 books in all this month! What's really sad is that only 2 of them were bought with… Continue reading January Book Haul

Standalone/ARC Reviews

Review ~ Cogheart by Peter Bunzl

No one conquers fear easily. It takes practice to reach true heights; a brave heart to win great battles."Thaddeus Townsend About the Book: Lily's life is in mortal peril. Her father is missing and now silver-eyed men stalk her through the shadows. What could they want from her? With her friends - Robert, the clockmaker's son,… Continue reading Review ~ Cogheart by Peter Bunzl

Standalone/ARC Reviews

Review ~ The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo

This is the danger of loving: No matter how powerful you are, no matter how many kingdoms you rule, you cannot stop those you love from dying." About the Book:  Welcome to the story of Despereaux Tilling, a mouse who is in love with music, stories, and a princess named Pea. It is also the story… Continue reading Review ~ The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo

Standalone/ARC Reviews

Review ~ Holes by Louis Sachar

About the Book: Stanley Yelnats is under a curse. A curse that began with his no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather and has since followed generations of Yelnats. Now Stanley has been unjustly sent to a boys' detention center, Camp Green Lake, where the warden makes the boys "build character" by spending all day, every day, digging holes: five feet wide… Continue reading Review ~ Holes by Louis Sachar